Resolute Investors seeks companies with the following characteristics.

Specialty hardware/software: Companies that have created specialized hardware or software that provides high-value applications to their customers.
Specialty manufacturing: Companies with proprietary products or processes that deliver unique value or compelling return-on-investment for their customers.
Wholesale distribution: Companies in which product customization (e.g. fabrication, assembly, packaging) or service (inventory management, logistics, financing) delivers high value-added to customers, creates strong relationships and earns higher-than-average margins. 
Business services, including medical testing and diagnostic services: Companies in which effective business processes create “preferred partnerships” that deliver unique advantages to customers and result in profitable, long-term relationships.

Middle-market: We target companies with revenues in the range of $2 to $25 million.
Recurring revenue, rather than project-based businesses.
Stable revenue: We seek stable companies. A history of growth is not a requirement. 
Cash-flow positive: We target companies with EBITDA of $0.5 to $2.5 million.

Eastern New England. We seek companies within a geography bounded by Wareham, Providence, Worcester, Nashua NH.

We limit our investments to transactions in which we become the controlling shareholder and provide senior management.


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